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Valentines Gifts - Canvas Prints

The search for the perfect Valentine might be tricky business, but the search for the perfect Valentines gifts need not be!

Whether you're looking to woo someone new or keen to rekindle romance with the love of your life, these ideas will stop them in their tracks.

You'll find flowers that never die, love stories to decorate heart and home, and funky art pieces to enrich their soul.

Do Saint Valentine proud this year. They'll love you for it.

Valentines Gifts - Heart Collage

portrait artist

portrait artist

The wonderful thing about this modish canvas collage is the sheer number of photos you can include - at the same price as a single print.

Browse Facebook, Instagram and your digital camera for memories of the great moments and experiences you've enjoyed together over the course of your relationship.

The heart shape makes it a true Valentine's Day gift, but one that can be admired every other day of the year.

Valentines Gifts - Canvas Split Image Print

portrait artist

portrait artist

If this won't convince her to marry you, nothing will! Reveal the question one by one, as you present a different canvas panel to her.

You don't even have to say a word. Just watch her reaction.

The design of this canvas is pretty tricky. If you want to split an image like this beach photo across all four panels, you will need to create one single image with the text carefully spaced across each of the four corners.

Alternatively, you could instead design a wall display and print four different images on each panel.

Either way, I am sure creating the image in Canva and uploading it into our CanvasApp will be the easy bit. Waiting for her answer will be much harder.

Good luck!

Valentines Gifts - Canvas Split Image Print
Valentines Gifts - Butterfly Canvas

portrait artist

portrait artist

Does she have a favorite flower? Or a favorite color? This collage gives you the opportunity to print to canvas five floral frames of fabulousness.

Here we've chosen the color pink, but you can choose any color she likes! Simply visit the Flora Art collection in our Canvas Art library and find some flowers to suit. 

Just be sure to buy her some fresh flowers too, OK?

Valentines Gifts - Rose Split Image Canvas

portrait artist

portrait artist

Have you seen how much a dozen roses costs? If you're not yet sure if her heart is yours, this is the gift that will woo her without scaring her away.

This split image canvas is the epitome of beautiful. Watch her eyes light up when she opens this colorful, arty surprise.

This nine-panel canvas may look tricky to create, but it's actually really easy. Search 'red roses' in our Canvas Art library and you'll be prompted to start creating your print.

Add a single red rose and a box of chocolates and she will surely become your Valentine. At least we hope so!

If not, it simply wasn't meant to be.

Valentines Gifts - Rose Split Image Canvas
Valentines Gifts - Love Themed Canvas

portrait artist

portrait artist

You've raised a beautiful family and are still as rock solid as the first day you met.

While so much of this day is geared towards flowers and chocolates for her, the thing to keep in mind is that he needs to feel loved as well.

This 'Love' themed collage, with four photo panels, means you can gather photos of you both together and with the kids - and truly show how much you value his love of family and commitment to you.

Valentines Gifts - Glass Single Print

portrait artist

portrait artist

Your love is new, but it's true. If you're buying this print for your partner, you'll be hard-pressed to give it away, so we actually suggest buying two!

Find the classiest, happiest photos of the two of you together (no late night drunken shenannigans or couch selfies) then print it onto a single acrylic glass canvas.

It doesn't matter how big or small you choose to print this, you will both delight in it - particularly when you're away from each other.

Valentines Gifts - Glass Single Print
Valentines Gifts - Retro Art

portrait artist

portrait artist

Sure, you can gift this print to your lover, but this one is funky enough to be gifted far and wide.

Are you a Mom wanting to make sure her daughter is not forgotten? Or someone who knows her single friend deserves love in her life?

This gift celebrates love in all its forms - family love, plutonic love and, if you're lucky enough to have found it, romantic love.

To create this canvas gift, visit our Canvas Art library and search 'love' or 'retro'.

With over 25 million images, you're bound to find something to suit that special person in your life.

Valentines Gifts - Modish Collage

portrait artist

portrait artist

So many Valentines' ideas have been done to death, haven't they? Not this one.

This personalized modish collage, with three photos and a poem, is completely unique.

Source some stunning, high romance photography of the two of you together then find a poem that speaks from your heart to hers.

You can write something original or go to Google and find something there.

Here we've chosen a classic quote by Aristotle:

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."

To design the poetry frame, go to Canva and use a landscape design. Choose a background image and then add the text, making sure not to include text in the top left part of the landscape shape.

Download the image as a 'PDF: To Print' then save it as a JPEG ready to place on your modish collage.

Valentines Gifts - Modish Collage
Valentines Gifts - Wedding Collage

portrait artist

portrait artist

So much has happened since your wedding day. Work is all-consuming and the kids are now your whole world with evenings and weekends spent giving, giving, giving.

Why not escape the family for a night, take your loved one out to dinner and surprise him or her with your old wedding photos printed onto a beautiful new traditional style collage?

Your marriage is strong, but it deserves to be celebrated.

Valentines Gifts - Urban Art

portrait artist

portrait artist

Valentine's Day gifts can be offbeat and exciting; you just have to think outside the heart.

Search for 'urban heart' in our Canvas Art library and you'll be bombarded with a multitude of alternatives to the traditional red heart of Saint Valentine.

This urban art print has oodles of youthful appeal as does a fantastic image of a pair of Converse sneakers with the laces forming a heart shape. In fact, the mind boggles at the options.

Valentines Gifts - Urban Art
Valentines Gifts - Glass Wall Display

portrait artist

portrait artist

Never forget the good times you've shared with a glass wall display of your favorite honeymoon or holiday snaps.

Reflect on the ease of those great times gone by and inspire yourself to plan another getaway.

When times are tough, it's often handy to take a moment to look on the wonders of yesterday and rejoice in your future together, forever.

With this gorgeous glass display, the honeymoon need never be over. Gather up the good times and hold them in your heart and in your home.

Printing on acrylic glass gives photos a clear, fresh feel, making this gift a wonderfully practical addition to a kitchen or living area. Love is definitely in the air.

excellent socks husband and son love these
Bought these for my dtr and she absolutely loves them. So cool she said.
Its been my default wallet since I bought it. Using it daily for about two years carrying cash, cards and even keys without any ugly signs of wear.
Love love love it !!! It is exactly what I need to lug all my tablets to and from work. Not to mention it's a beautiful tote !!
Really nice necklace. Bought for my Warrior daughters 19th birthday in June!
The Balaclava is high quality. I work at a school and have to shovel the entire property in the early mornings in sub zero temps and with this mask I don't even need a hat. Fits skin tight on the head and is easily adjustable. My only gripe is that the bottom portion that covers your face is not as tight and face hugging as I need, so my breath ends up steaming up my face and glasses, instead of blowing out the slotted area.
He hated them. They are stretchy fabric, I honestly dont think they are real Levis where is the red tag on the back pocket? Why do they feel like stretchy legging material? NOT HAPPY !!!!
great every day undershirt
Great feel. Very warm but great breathable material. Perfect for going outside and sleeping in. Will be buying a second pair.
This bag is great for someone who loves to carry stuff but doesn't like a huge bag. I can keep a travel toothbrush, deodorant, wallet, cell phone, power bank, earbuds, charging cord, mini notebook, pen, sunglasses, and snacks for the kids! I might get another in a different color.
Excellent everyday so as, just wish they weren't as pricey so I could buy tons!
Can't really rate it because my packages were stolen. Looks like great purse. Disappointed I didn't receive it.
Really cute!
Love this hat, great quality
I bought these for my husband who works in varying degrees of temperature outdoors. He told me they are very comfortable and they have helped significantly with his feet sweating. We will definitely buy these again
As others said these run a bit large. They feel nice though. Time will tell how they stand up.
This item is not genuine, the real ones have a metal frame and this one is straight up plastic.
I bought this for my son and he practically lives it in because he loves it so much. It's very comfortable and it keeps him warm enough but not too warm. He's 6'1, 240 and I got him the XL, but he could've wore the L. I wanted to get him the bigger one just to make sure there was enough room with other clothes under it.
Omg these shirts are great. Perfect fit and they do dey quickly.
Buena calidad
Great pajama shorts!
These cannot be overstated as to fit, quality and comfort. SO nice. Bit chilly in winter, but still wearing them.
Nice quality
This necklace was purchased as a gift. The sparkle in the stone is mesmerizing, and the overall construction seems sturdy. It's a little bigger than I expected, but as beautiful as can be.
It's just a little bit too small.
Way too thin
It runs a little small
Love it! I have a hard time finding the perfect size purse especially online but I think this one is it..not too small..not too big..but think I will be able to fit all my stuff in this pretty well. Also love the deep brown color. It looks way more expensive than it was. But one thing I didn't like is when I was ripping the plastic off the zipper it fell off and so tried putting the zipper back on but not staying on so thats not too big of a deal because its a side pocket zipper but still didn't like that. But since its not that noticeable I'm not too worried about it but future customers please use scissors to remove this plastic or you may have the same thing happen! God bless all and thanks amazon for my beautiful new
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