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animal art

Silver Wedding Anniversary

If you are celebrating your silver wedding anniversary, photo gifts are a wonderful opportunity to remind each other of what's important - love of one another and of family.

Alternatively, if you have friends or family members who are celebrating in style with a big party, these creative gift ideas will take their breath away.

The ideas are endless, as is their love. Here are but a few.

Silver Wedding Anniversary - Traditional Collage

animal art

animal art

A stylish collage printed onto acrylic glass will add glitz and glam to that special celebration.

Whether you're kicking up one's heels at home or at a venue, a photo board showing a series of photos from yesterday to today is a wonderful way for all your guests to share your love over the years.

Party on with friends old and new as they rejoice in your love (or point and laugh at your out of fashion wedding dress!).

This is a wonderful gift to self for the milestone couple or something special you can create for your milestone parents.

The center frame you can use to customize your own special silver anniversary word art or love poem.

Using a tool like Canva you can create a silver background then choose a stylish font for the text.

Printing on glass adds that extra sense of occasion.

The result is all class.

Silver Wedding Anniversary - Metal art

animal art

animal art

This gift ticks all the boxes. It's a work of abstract art. It's printed on metal. It's split across 9 frames.

It's got everything that's needed to mark 25 years: silver, star power, smoking hot.

Choose a work of art from the Canvas Art section of our website. Simply search for 'Abstract Silver' and find something that suits your partner's tastes.

It's a bit tricky to create this one yourself online, so once you've chosen your artwork, copy and paste the web page link and email us at [email protected] to tell us which style and material you'd like us to print for you.

Silver Wedding Anniversary - Metal art
Silver Wedding Anniversary - Canvas Wall Display

animal art

animal art

You've got wedding and family portraits that look back on a beautiful life of love.

This one is all about looking forward to the future and all the wonder and love your life together will bring.

Find photos of the two of you together or arrange a professional photo shoot to fill three frames with happiness. Then wrap it up with a big bold graphic that says 'We still do'.

Silver Wedding Anniversary - Love Collage

animal art

animal art

A canvas wall display is a wonderful way to tell a story of everlasting love - and often it's our hobbies that bring us together.

Whether it's horseriding, kayaking, bushwalking or playing bridge, this gift recognizes that special bond.

This themed 'love' collage makes for an ideal template, giving your milestone anniversary a sense of splendour.

Silver Wedding Anniversary - Love Collage
Silver Wedding Anniversary - Metal Print

animal art

animal art

This love poem on metal is a prodigious gift for such an important milestone.

Sure you could give a silver cup, a silver ring or a silver watch, but to give something that truly expresses how you feel leaves those gift ideas for dead.

We're not saying this is the poem for you. Rather, find a poem that speaks to your own personal relationship.

Find someone to design a graphic for you or build something yourself using Canva.

The idea is to choose a silver background to match the significance of the 25 years then print it onto brushed aluminum to give it that extra silver style.

When deciding what style of font to use, try to use a sans serif font. It tends to print on metal much clearer than a serif or cursive font.

You might be tempted to use a cursive font to add formality, but the real trick here is to make sure the text is as large and legible as possible.

Each year you fall in love. Make this 25th as special as it can get.

Silver Wedding Anniversary -

animal art

animal art

The idea here is to create a well balanced three panel display featuring a photo of the happy couple to the left, a photo of the couple with family to the right and, in the center, some word art.

In this case the word art counts the couple's blessings for their 25 years together.

That's 9125 days, 219,000 hours and a whopping 13,140,000 minutes. Mind boggling isn't it?

Silver Wedding Anniversary -
Silver Wedding Anniversary - Glass Collage

animal art

animal art

Of course not every day is as glamorous as the next, but this gift is about capturing the more charming moments of your life together.

Think class. Think style. Think glamor.

Achieve this look by printing on glass. A step up from beautiful canvas, acrylic glass provides a higher quality feel and higher class appeal. 

Glass looks stunning under lighting, offering a gallery style look.

This collage provides the opportunity to include an abundance of photos.

17 checkerboard frames of all different sizes makes for a creative display, so you don't have to hold back on the options.

This example features photos of a married couple interspersed by photos of all things silver.

For a silver anniversary, there's no such thing as too much silver. That's why the border of this display is also silver.

Here the photos are in monochrome, but for a glossier sheen opt instead for color.

Our CanvasApp gives you the chance to experiment, so you can get the look and the feel and the colors exactly right.

Silver Wedding Anniversary -  - Silhouette Canvas Collage

animal art

animal art

Adorning this stunning silhouette of a couple in an embrace with photos from your wedding of 25 years ago will bring new life to that very special occasion.

Access to digital canvas art wasn't an option back then, so your wife will adore receiving this incredible gift.

Sure, those old framed photos hold a special place in your heart, but a collage like this allows multiple photos to be used.

So dust off the old wedding album, find a selection of six photos, scan them into digital format and place them onto this creative canvas, ready to print online.

If you don't have a scanner at home, simply visit a friend who has one and scan them in at the highest resolution possible. It won't cost either of you a thing!

Be sure to take the time to be creative and play around with all the different design options. You can make the frame and the silhouetted couple any color you like.

You can even use the eye dropper tool to select a color from your photo and use it as your frame color. It's a neat designer's trick.

While the fashions of 25 years ago might be dated your love lives on, so celebrate your wedding all over again with one of the most romantic gifts in our collection.

Silver Wedding Anniversary -  - Silhouette Canvas Collage
Silver Wedding Anniversary - Metal print

animal art

animal art

It's taken 25 years, but you finally have the financial freedom to afford a special gift and nothing says 'special' more than a photo print on brushed aluminum.

Metal is a magical material. And your wedding day was a magical day. Print a photo of your wedding - a photo that will take your husband or wife's breath away.

Did you spend your life savings on your wedding?

All good things come to those who wait, they say. This is that gift.

Silver Wedding Anniversary - Silhouette Canvas Collage

animal art

animal art

You thew a massive party, inviting all your family and friends.

There are photos galore floating around on people's cameras, iPhones and Facebooks.

Don't let those memories slip away. Capture the spirit of love for years to come with a beautiful collage that celebrates love and laughter.

You might even like to do a bit of a 'then and now' display, featuring photos from your wedding day and photos from your party - two big celebrations worth honoring.

You can keep the champagne flute silhouette white in color or give it a light grey or 'silver' effect.

If your photo selection is brighter and bolder (rather than light with pastels), you can even choose a dramatic frame color like black or red.

You don't have to limit yourself to photos of the two of you. To give it some creative heart feature some close ups of the decor from the party.

Often we put so much effort into the little finishing touches on the day then 'Poof ... It's gone!'. Including photos of cake, candles and the clink of a glass can add a special flare.

Silver Wedding Anniversary - Silhouette Canvas Collage
Silver Wedding Anniversary - Split Image Glass Print

animal art

animal art

If you're a non-traditionalist and want to gift your husband with something that's both meaningful and spectacular, opt to split an image on glass.

For this 25 years wedding anniversary gift, choose a photo of a place he loves. 

Perhaps it's the rainforest, the beach or even his favorite city - Paris, London, New York?

He'll love the thought you've put into this gift and the result will be something you can enjoy together.

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