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canvas painting rappers

canvas painting rappers

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Love it! Very cushion-y. Definitely helps me not crank my neck as much when I'm on the phone at work. Which is always. For 5$ it's definitely worth it.
good price
Just what I need, looks good and fits perfect
Smaller lens then what I prefer.
One of the shirts wasnt sewn correctly... So it had a huge hole in the armpit. But they were fast to exchange he then, and they have been holding up since.
Beautiful, practical, necessary. Makes me feel safe and protected.
Nice shorts
compact and sturdy with metal zippers. will reserve further comment until I try it out over the next month or so. the last one I bought (from an office supply store) was plastic and fell apart in a month. hopefully this one performs as expected.
Ok sock
Perfect size to hold my cards and cash and fit in my back pocket
Authentic and just what I was expecting. Very happy with my purchase
Love it. Perfect for working in the garden.
I don't really have any complaints on this wallet.

It is a pleasant neutral color that coordinates with most of my wardrobe.
Able to fold and store a couple of coupons & $1 in quarters in the change compartment (usually I just don't use this part because it is a dud feature when asking for a small wallet!)
Can fit in the palm of your hand, some pockets, small and large purses
No issues with bills or anything else sliding out -- All a snug and secure fit

CONS (Honestly, not many at all IMO):
If your cards hit the double digits, this is not for you. I highly suggest checking out the Travelambo Bifold Wallet with Zipper Pocket. I have that one in Rose Gold for occasions when I need something to fit my phone, coupons, change, bills and a massive amount of cards.

If you carry more than a few cents of change, this is not for you. This wallet prefers to focus on just a few select cards.

Summation: I highly recommend this wallet. It is very nice and convenient to not have a wallet overflowing outward from my hand. It is very minimal in design. I appreciate that. When I just need my basics, this is the wallet I go for. I hope you consider this wallet for your needs or just as a gift to treat yourself or other people!

I was in no way compensated for this review. I purchased this product with my own money. I thrive in researching trends and providing feedback on them. Please let myself and others know if this has been a helpful post by clicking the 'Helpful' button below. I hope you have a nice day! :)
Really nice material, perfect size and comes with insert to add more structure to the bottom of the bag (so it doesn't droop and fall over as easily when resting on the ground).
These diamond earrings are so nice. They look real, and the martini look is so nice on your ears.
I used to change my socks in the middle of the day to avoid wet shoes. These socks Don't hold on to any moisture and make it comfortable all day
They aren't large tall .They are Extra Large Tall. I already washed them . Maybe wash them again and dry them hot?
I wish the pockets were a little deeper. My Google 3 only fits in the side pocket side way.
Loving the bag. So cute and chic. Go well with all of my summer outfits. Bag is so roomie. It fits a lot of things.
I usually carry way more than any normal person should and this wallet checks off everything I need in a daily wallet. It's slim, high quality, and has a great carbon fiber design to start. I am able to easily store at least 8 cards including my ID in a nice transparent slot which makes it easy for an ID check at bars and such. The money clip in the middle is a nice addition but also removable if you don't need it. There's also a couple of hidden slot behind the card slots in case you need to store anything else. Overall, this is a great wallet for anyone in need of a reasonably priced, high quality, slim wallet.
There are plenty of slots for Ids, credit cards and miscellaneous papers. Love the color and the feel of the wallet. The weight is perfect too.
Tight to the face for riding. Perfect for low light situations when you still want eye protection.
Best athletic socks ever? Don't know about using them for every day use, but for running they are 100%
Pretty nice socks but not what I expected. I was hoping for more cushioning on the bottoms. Just regular socks! Nothing special.
They are ok but not really quality made a bit cheaply made.
I like this product alot.
For me, the waist band was too high and the legs too long. I need more like a mid rise, so my underwear doesn't stick out above my jeans. Otherwise seemed like a good product.
This wallet is beautiful! My husband is going to love this!
I know they are really cheap shirts but the doesn't mean they should be useless. They are so rough and stiff I couldn't wear them.
https://www.americacanvasprinted.com/frpetkt9r8k https://www.americacanvasprinted.com/produitfrance/Superdry-Multicolore-Shadow-Leaves-Fabricant