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I liked the product and ordered it again . Today after less than a month a pair has a 1" separation at the seam . I hope the other 9 pairs hold up better .
I love this purse. Looks great and has enough pockets etc to store everything I need.
Too small
Fits my 10 year old. He’s no longer cold during ski
Nice quality, fast delivery, it was a gift and she loved it!!
They stretch, making them very comfortable.
It’s been almost 2 years now and I love this wallet. So far there have been no signs of wear and it is comfortable to sit on. It’s a great wallet with a decent amount of storage while maintaining a slim profile.One thing I wish was better though is the size of some of the slots could be bigger but that’s all
i like it.. :)
Had an issue with a sense cracking. Reached out and they were very helpful in replacing them! Great comfortable glasses with fantastic lends clarity!

I have spent A LOT more and A LOT less.....this purse is WAY, WAY, WAY worth the money. solid construction and is very
stylish. Highly recommend since even at Walmart you are spending way too much for a purse.
I've worn Levi 501s for 70 years. I like the way they fit, look and wear. The only problem is finding them then digging through a disorganized stack. Amazon is a good source, easy to navigate, offering them at a reasonable price.
I love the looks, and feel of the wallet.
could do a better job detailing the interior of this bag. The bag is so stylish and the interior is a mess with way to many pockets. I like a simple bag and plan to cut out the interior pockets. Other than that, OK product.
They resist scratching really well.
Nice a thick for those cold days.
This is probably the fifth one of this identical bag I've bought over the years and my hands down favorite. It's not a small bag, but it is cloth and that makes it lightweight compared to many others. It's just full of pockets and nooks and crannies for tucking away all kinds of things most of us need. It's also well suited for travel with features geared to that. Well worth serious consideration, they last a long time and even wash up beautifully in my washer.
Great Shorts
It just make the view DARKER. I’d rather wear sunglasses at night time than wear these. I really cannot tell the difference between wearing them and not.
Very nice
Great price! Fits true to size
Good hat
Shirt came in excellent condition with no marks and no rips. A great buy!!!!
This shirt sucked. The gap around the neck is huge and the sleeves, which have no elastic are about 4 inches to long.
These are very comfortable,will certainly buy again
I love this handbag and I use it everyday love the softness of it but also it is very droopy and hard to work in and out of it!!! Thank has a great look and I’m enjoying it!!!
I have several kbethos hats. They are all great quality. There is no reason to go with a more expensive hat. I’m a happy customer.
It a was exactly what I expected
They are so comfy and help my aching feet that I stand on for 10+ hours a day
It's not a very good bag. Looks cheap. Not a teal Tory Burch bag.
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