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Bought the black Large/XLarge size in hopes it would fit decently; which it does. Although I don't have a very large head, it still is just a little tight. I wanted a hat that I could wear virtually all day, but this hat would be painful after an hour or so.

I REALLY wish the XXLarge came in black... I would buy one in a heartbeat. As a tech guy, I don't want any other color.
Color not as described. Not keeping it, so no comment about sun protection. Brim not as wide as Id like. Fit is snug on my small head so description of one size fits most men and women is misleading. Stone color is more beige. I was expecting a light grey as the image shown online.
They are amazing! Exactly what I wanted without even trying them on! The packaging was perfect and the even sent cleaning clothes with care instructions! I will definitely but again!
These were exactly what I wanted and ordered. I wanted a darker fabric stone wash since I prefer to wear jeans out myself instead of buying them that way. These were perfect, and this will be my new supplier. Im very pleased.
After the first wash/dry, the length of the shirt shrunk to the point that I dont know if it will stay tucked consistently upon wearing it for a full day. And that was after only one wash/dry cycle.
Good for the money
Just lovely! ;)
I like it
The husband has been wanting these for awhile now! So why not for Valentines Day he absolutely loves them!
Affordable great plain hats. Just what i wanted
Love this rash guard for my little one. She looks super cute in it. I bought a second one for grandmas house.
Didn't receive the same colors as pictured,they are a little rougher than expected even after a few washing. Still comfortable and I love that they don't ride up.
Surprised these fit me based off the size guide. I bought these because I am planning on losing 25lbs and they were supposed to be motivation to get to that weight, but they fit me now and are so comfy! I love the pockets on the sides too!
Really cute rattan round bag. I got a lot of compliments on it. The only downside is that it doesnt open very wide so its kind of hard to get things in and out. But perfect for a night out when you only need to carry a few things in it.
Cute back ...small ...I get a lot of compliments ...I love it for BBC a make up back or a purse to put in a purse... like a dump ...good buy...good quality/material....made well would consider buying in a different color
Very nice purse. Lots of room. Great for traveling. There are side pockets that can hold a water bottle. Two wide open pockets and a zippered divider pocket. Two large inside side pockets for sunglasses or passport.
I was skeptical that these would be any good considering the price. They are actual all quite lovely but I have gotten the most use out of the feather/leaf/turquoise bead layered necklace. It is a truly stunning necklace and I wear it almost every day and have received many compliments.
This hat looks good, feels good and fits as expected. Style is good quality is good
I have been wearing Gold Toe socks for years. These are not the same quality in either the fabrics, sizing or anything else. They are not soft, they are at least an inch in the foot and an inch in the top shorter overall than my other Gold Toe socks and much smaller around. I guess I will make sure I buy them in a store from now on so I can check them out ahead of time. These will have to go to charity and maybe some child will like them.
I like the bracelet, it is indestructible and the purpose behind it has helped me on many a dark day.
This just came in today. I am moving away from a Tumi combined card holder / money clip wallet that put holes in many of my pants over the years due to the metal clip angled out. The quality is very nice and it reduced the size of what I am carrying in my pocket.

I have six cards I use on the regular on the pull out side:
main check card
main credit card
Costco Card
Metro card (size of a larger grocery store card)

The action of the pull lever is nice and firm. with the amount of cards maybe one less in that pocket would be better. The leather tab is nice and soft but feels durable. The pull stops with cards almost half way out. It is easy to push the cards back and into place.

On the less used side I have my:
Insurance cards (2 that are thin, one regular card)
Bank Card
Auto Club

In the pocket I have one cash bill (could probably have a couple more but not many)
grocery store card (the small keychain size)

It all seems to fit. I can actually keep it in my front pocket comfortably.

I am pretty abusive on things. We'll see about the longevity. Considering the price, if it even only lasts a coupe years, I'd be happy. My old wallet used to beat up the cards and their magnetic stripes badly. I hope this is better. It's an interesting piece, just looking at it. way different than any traditional wallet. It seems like it will be more low profile than any of these new hard shell card holders and easier to sit on if I keep it in my back pocket.
I know this is a men's belt (I'm a lady with wide hips so women's belts aren't the best for me) but I've had my belt for over 5 years, best one hands down! Hasn't worn down or ready to snap when I have to pull tight enough for my jeans to hold. It's one heck of a sturdy material which I like! This one, if I can make this one last now going on 6 years, I'm sure not trying to break it anytime soon!
These run small. I've been wearing these for 7 months now. They are comfortable, durable and have not faded one bit. Lots of pockets. Well worth the money.
Got for my adult son who badly needed socks for Christmas. Material feels nice. Seems to be made of good quality.
I bought this for my dad for Christmas, and it was in the nicest packaging and a very nice wallet! He loved it!
I have a 37 inch waist and ordered the 37-42 and after I cut off about 3 inches it was perfect. The leather is good quality and not cheap. The instructions could have been a bit more explanatory though.
These are the 55mm. I have a narrower face, and they do the job!
Very surprising quality for such a low price, these are not like the gas station glasses that feel super light on your face but they're not heavy either - just about perfect!! I HIGHLY suggest giving them a try if your after a polarized aviator.
Bought it for my husband. He loves it. I have a travelon myself and I love all of its features. Ideal for traveling. Great quality.
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