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good and pretty color!
Much better than the old regular briefs!!!!
This is one of my favorite purses ever! It is beautiful, real leather and the color is gorgeous. I am so glad I ordered it. This is the medium size, the large is lovely but too big for me. Very glad I purchased it.
Comfy af
Better price than buy in the store . Excellent quality.
These are fairly standard running shorts -- with one unfortunate difference: there's no interior pouch for a car key or for emergency $$ on a long run.
I have been received ... seems to be fake and packaging is very dirty...
Very nice! Lightweight, most season pants with pockets. Not recommended for cold winter pants but perfect for lounge wear any other time of year. Found on Prime Access deal and was great price after Christmas. Stiching very nice, seems like they'll last a while.
Bought these for my boyfriend as he was buying belts every other month because they would break. He says it's the best belt ever. It doesn't fray or looked warn out at all and I think he's had it for almost a year.
Old faithful
Looks nice
This is unlike any undervest. The material is not cotton and at first, glance goes not seems to be breathable. However, it is breathable and fits tight. It does look funky but is not noticeable underneath a shirt or T-shirt.

So satisfied with it.
Exactly as described
Great lightweight hat for running and hiking. Provides plenty of shade and fits comfortably while allowing your head to breathe.
In my ongoing "replace socks" quest, these are also not the socks I was looking for. The material, as others have noted, is very thin. The elastic is quite tight. These are black, red writing on the bottom, no gray anywhere -- since others have asked. But this is not the thicker, more durable material I currently have - though it is soft.
Exactly what I wanted
Muy Bueno AAA
Smells like real leather - doesn't feel as big as I thought it might (which is good), fits nicely in my hand. The leather isn't as thick as my old wallet but there are a lot more layers of leather without the bulk. It has plenty of pockets for my needs. I like the color, although it's not the purple I expected from the picture - more like a deep burgundy (seen in pic). The feel is not waxy at all, just smooth and soft.

The zipper section is nice and roomy. I can easily fit a check and a dozen or more wallet-size photos in one, and my US bills PLUS my phone in the other pocket. Space for the phone is a huge feature when I don't feel like carrying my entire purse into the grocery store, etc. The small zipper section is perfect for a modest amount of change. Even with all of that in it, the zip section closed easily.

Some of the features in the flap section were the reason I didn't give five stars. First, I filled only 10 of the 18 card slots with credit/store cards, plus the driver's license slot. If I wanted to stretch the flap and maybe rip the first snap, I could close it. But using the second snap seemed more prudent. I can't imagine filling all 18 slots and still closing it.

In the two horizontal sections for cards (6 slots each) - only count on using 4 slots in each section. The front-most slots are a) tight side-to-side, I think partly because they are rounded at the outside corners, and b) not deep enough for a standard credit card. So it overlaps the middle slot above it, making it difficult to get a card out of that middle slot. (See pic - the red card in behind the yellow card is in that middle slot.)

One concern that will remain to be seen over time is how well the flap section stays closed, especially as it gets jostled around in my purse.

Overall, I'm satisfied. Well worth the price! (I paid $30).
Cute and sturdy! Good size too. Definitely would recommend.
These are fine. They're just gym shorts: an hour on the stationary bike and into the wash. But the exposed elastic band is kinda poor design even for 8 bucks, it chafes a little.
I am a fan of Wrangler jeans and I was not disappointed with these. I liked this pair so much, I placed a second order the day they arrived. I purchased another pair in dark rinse and one in black. I am short and it was difficult to find a 30X29, but Wrangler had them available through Amazon. I was not able to find this size in any store, including a Wrangler outlet store. The fit is perfect. No alterations were needed. The jeans are well made. The material is strong/sturdy and not thin. I washed all three pairs and they draw up or fade. Great Wrangler quality at a low price. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend them to you.
I have owned this hat for almost 2 months. The hat states one size fits all. It seems to run a little bit large and fits loosely although the chin strap keeps it in place during windy conditions. It is comfortable to wear all day long and does a good job shading my neck during the summer sun. The only problem I encounterd with the hat is that mesh screen air vents developed rust after the hat got soaked during a rain storm in the Bahamas. Not really what I expected for an outdoor boonie hat so highly rated on Amazon.
Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for! So so cute
These are nice light weight T-shirts that fit well and are long in the torso. This helps with the coming un-tucking issue. I'm glad I bought them.
The JOEYOUNG 3d sun facemask is nice. The fabric is nice and soft. It helps protect my face and neck from the sun and wind.there are many ways to wear the facemask, it is very versatile
comfortable fit
This is my favorite piece of jewelry besides my engagement ring. It's so special to me and really clean and classy. Quality metal and comes with a cleaning cloth. Perfect.
I bought these shirts in 4 different colors (black, navy, royal blue, and light steel) since I usually wear polos when I'm on-site for client visits. Figured I'd give these a shot for some of the more casual offices. For the price they are a great value. I just wish the quality was a little higher. On every single shirt I've had to tie off and cut the stitching under the arms. I'm not sure if this is just excess stitching that comes loose after a few uses and washes, or what. No holes have opened up, so I'm hoping that's the case. It's just a bit worrisome when you've worn the shirt 5 times and have to cut foot long strings out of the armpit.

But... they're cheap to replace and look good enough that it's not a big thing. I'll probably buy some more when these get ragged. On the good side they fit well and the fabric doesn't pill like some other shirts I've had.
I put it around my ankle the day I got it and it hasn't come off since.
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