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dog carrier sale

Retro Art on Canvas

Even though retro art may be centered on designs of the past, it is completely in style today. Depending upon the retro canvas print that you choose, you can perfect a vintage room design, create a nostalgic space, or inject a bit of ironic whimsy into your room. Take a journey back to the past with classic images and advertisements from yesteryear that can be incorporated onto your decor.

dog carrier sale

Scratches too easy
Comfortable and supportive. No leg roll. Ive got 10 pair now.
before i purchased this wallet, i already own the secrid credit card protector standalone product. i thought that the combined wallet/card protector would be an easy way to get rid of my old wallet. that isn't the case. if you have just a few dollars folded up in this wallet, it will cause it to bulge out, making it hard to button it. and you have to fold the bills into quarters to fit in the wallet. the designers should have just made the wallet portion wider so that you only have to fold the bills into halves to fit, making bills less bulky. or another way to do this is to create a pocket that goes across the top/bottom edge of the entire leather portion. securing the wallet with the button will secure the bills and prevent them from falling out. this solution will also eliminate the need for the black plastic flap inside the wallet.

i guess this wallet is perfect if you are going out on the town and carry only credit cards and very little money. but then you might as well buy the less expensive standalone secrid card protector and just stuff the bills in your pocket.
If you have average legs they should fit. Ive always had big athletic calves since childhood. Im just a bit short so I tend to tiptoe a whole lot. Otherwise the material is soft and foot bed cushioned.
great size, quality, and functionality!!! I am buying this bag in several colors!
Works well
Not exactly what I wanted. Not bad though.
These fit a little small, but honestly, I think I should have ordered a bigger size so I can't fault Hanes or Amazon
SO COMFYYYYY SO WAAAARRMM 10/10 the inside is fleece and I'm a girl 5'1 100lbs the size small fits a little smaller than a women's large
I've had these for about a year and a half now. These have become my favorite pair of sunglasses. I've dropped them a few times, and haven't had them break or scratch. They're pretty tough, and they look great. Also, these stay stuck to my head without being uncomfortable. I've actually thought about buying another pair as spares, in case I lose mine.
Very cute and well made. Shipped in nice blue bag, nice touch.
very good quality
I like the fit on the foot. I dislike the elastic above the ankle, especially the cuff at the top which I cut off.
This is a very nice wallet. I bought one for myself and another as a gift. It feels very well made and the leather has a nice feel to it. The size is just right for me. Plenty of space for credit card and the two different compartments for cash is always nice. My only minor issue is the slots that hold the credit cards could be a little bit shorter to make it easier to pull them out. But other than that it's fantastic. The packaging was really well done too. Comes in a very nice box, which has the wallet inside of a nice drawstring bag.
Love this bag! Color exactly as shown and it's a soft leather. Adjustable strap helps bag to sit just right on my hip. Highly recommend!
Fit as expected and keeps you warm in moderately chilly weather.
Wallet was a lot bigger than I imagined. Feels really nice and I love how much space there is in the wallet. I got this for a friend because her wallet was a little worn out and outdated. Thinking about buying one of these for myself!
Very comfortable shirt to wear.
The clasps are truly awesome. Im disappointed though that one of my seems has begun to give way and the size adjustment hardware tends to shift and bunch up. They do work, Im just not completely satisfied with workmanship.
A Great pair of glasses. Someone stole my Prada sunglasses and that is why I ordered these. I actually like these better!
Bust T-shirts
One of my sons is very tall and I ordered these for him. With Prime, it was easier paying the $3.99 overnight shipping than running around trying to find his size.
Comfortable and soft. Just want I needed
to small for my face
Wanted a smaller wallet to carry in my pocket.
The quality of the wallet is great. The card holders are very sturdy. I am getting used to the card holders being vertical instead of horizontal. The only reason I did not give it five stars is because I wish it had a pocket for coins.
I like the idea of this item but when I received the product it was way too small.
Only bought cause sale on amazon wish lenses were a tad bigger
NOT HAPPY!!! After 3 washes, the elastic came away from the material. Paid over $50.00 to ship to Canada and only have 2 pairs left. NOT GOOD!!! WOULD DEFINITELY NOT NOT NOT PURCHASE AGAIN. RIP OFF!

This is what I was offered for a refund: 14 cents. No this isn't a typo. Very correct! 14 cents refunded. You're kidding me.....you refunded 14 cents. That doesn't pay for the 2 pairs of underwear we have lost. This is a total joke. 14 cents???? I will be posting this on my facebook and everywhere else I can possibly post this. Paid over $50.00 for 2 pairs of underwear (the other 2 pairs were destroyed after the third wash and you guys can offer me 14 cents??? Why don't you just come to Canada and slap us in the face. You should be refunding half of our cost, that's what you should be doing but nope! You offer 14 cents! Lovely!
https://www.americacanvasprinted.com/frpet7njnxs https://www.americacanvasprinted.com/produitfrance/Tailor-Alexa-Skinny-Contour-Jeans