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dog sketch artist

dog sketch artist

This is a very well made neck tie. The graphics are really nice and clear. It has some thickness to it so it even makes a four-in-hand knot look nice. The length is perfect. Really just an all around great tie.
I purchased this for my fiance for CHristmas and he has told me several times now how happy he is with it. It is a different woven design instead of just plan leather look. I purchased the woven one and we both like the look. It is much roomier then the photos make it look as there are back pockets in the middle of the inside as well.
My wife loves it.
No elastic in leg bands. Not as comfortable as some of the other products.
comfortable socks they seem to hold up better than Hanes I like the cushioned bottom of the sock
The belt is easily adjusted and not so wide it won't fit my pants. Some of the other belts seemed to be made for BDUs because of their width. It is well constructed, built for durability and I know it will last me for a long time!
Good quality, fits right, holds up very well to washing and normal wear. I have a drawer full of these for work and casual wear.
Very nice.
worst looking like I have ever purchased , no shape at all.
my daughter loves them!!
I bought a wallet from Travando and my brother liked it so much, he bought one for himself.
Pretty good quality. Im surprised by the pricing on this jacket. The only complaint would be that the lining feels a little cheap but its nothing too bad
This had a confusing description that said the solids are 100%, the others 75/25 cotton/poly blend.

These sure looked like the solid color choice (different color waistband), but they were the blend--and I was also shocked at how scratchy and uncomfortable the blend was. Who would ever want underwear that feels like this!?

I have no idea about the odor-repelling business. Maybe that's what the scratchy fabric gets you. But who the hell needs that?! Isn't it called laundry day? If you're wearing your underwear until they stink, you might have bigger problems. haha.
Quality product
Good number of compartments
The card was a bit bent but the quality of the bracelets are pretty good
Favorite travel purse! Plenty of pockets and easy to organize. I had one just like it from a different company in New York City and the strap broke easily. This strap is made very well.
This is the best wallet I have ever had. I buy a new wallet every year before vacation...This one I will keep until it falls apart and then I'll buy a new one.
The construction is superior...The design couldn't be better. There is a place for everything...lots of credit card slots...and the best is the two zipper pouches...genius.
I like it so far.
Well made & great fit
Bought to replace my "SimpacX" wallet of the same style(same company, different name?). It lost quality in the following places:

The missing retracting pulltab for primary card. The previous model had a elastic attachment to the pulltab that kept it retracted after being pulled.

The clear plastic pocket used to open from the outside, but now opens from the inside. Opening from the middle of the wallet makes it much more difficult to pull items out of it, or add to them.
good fit
A gift
Doubt I'll ever really use them because they're so oversized.
Very good wallet
It didnt come with the 925 mark its fake and
Seems high quality and substantial. Bigger than expected but fits well in front pocket. Accommodates everything I need. RFID is an important feature and I hope it works. I was hoping that the insert that holds the Id was removable but it is attached. Without it I think it would be a little less bulky.
Nice looking. Time will tell.
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