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pet a portrait

Egyptian Art on Canvas

Much of the earliest artwork in the world can be traced back to Egypt, and we continue to decorate our homes and businesses with highly distinctive, always interesting, Egyptian art to this day. Whether it is through hieroglyphics, bold patterns, or colorful paintings, Egyptian canvas art prints tell a story and easily captivate viewers.

pet a portrait

Bought it for my husband when we where going on a week long beach vacation. He burns easily, no matter how much he covers up. This cover up did the trick though. It covered his neck and back. He was also a fan of the fit, since he look like baseball cap.
It's ok. The L is a bit large though.
LOVE THESE SUNGLASSES!! I honestly prefer these over the real Ray Bans. They are identical to the Ray Bans except the frames are more gold but as far as the fit and clarity I would 100% recommend these sunglasses!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!
Love them!!
Way tooooo small on the cap. The adjustable hat is good but the rounds cap for the head is way too small
bad shopping, too small,it shouldnt be 11.5,and bad shipment,waste me $20 to shipping,at last,so angry in customer services,I was first time to met a customer services could closed the chat when my problem not sloved.
The pants were a perfect fit, right from the start. I normally need a "half-size" larger for jeans to be comfortable, and the elastic waist gave me the "half-size" extra I needed.
I first found gold toe socks at fred meyer and I loved them. I am a mechanic and I still have all my pairs in great shape for over a year now. I wanted more of them and saw these on amazon so I bought a pack... These are not the same quality of socks at all. they are already stretched out at the calves so they slide down inside my boot making work a pain in the ace. only have had them for about 3 months and I am ready to throw them away. Don't know if it's made by the same company and they decided to cut quality or are these cheap imitations? not going to buy socks online again...
Sizing was right on. Locking system is tight so the belt doesnt slip. Due the locking mechanism I can get a perfect fit.
Good quality
I needed a way to carry my id and credit card in a very small pack that I use for work. This works out great. It takes up very little room but keeps my items secured. There's also a zippered pocket for a small amount of change or cash. I expect it will last me a long time with my light use. Not sure it would fare as well if you plan on using it as a primary wallet.

Side note:I am highly skeptical that it is actual leather.
I like how there is a separate slot for your license- I bought it for my husband for Christmas!
It loosens up too easily on my wrist... so I had to tie a knot to keep it from sliding... now I will have to cut it off to remove if needed... have worn it since we received them.
I love this shirt. Its a little loose just like I like my shirts to be. The blues and greens in XL have been out of stock for awhile which is sad. I wish there were more colors on full cotton to choose from. I ordered the black and just finished ordering a red pair. Im gonna try to order a heather color which is 40% polyester. I hope it fits as good as the cotton. Ill keep ya updated. Happy 4th and God bless!!!
Could not make it small enough
Somewhat small. Go a size larger than you think your head is.
I love this bag its great formy oakleys and diferent than the normal oakley microfiber bags
Great wallet
I LOVE these glasses - completely worth the price. They are incredibly light, but very durable. I bought them specifically for driving at dawn and dusk when it's too dark for grey lenses, but I still want a pair of glasses. The lenses are amazing. The brown lenses seem to enhance everything you look at - the world really looks dull without them on.
My husband loves his new pajama pants! They're comfortable, fit as expected, and are long enough (he's 6'4"). Great buy!!!!
zipper broken after a few uses. Very unhappy. How do I get my money back?
Son loves them
They hug the arch of your foot
I have purchased this brand previously. This runs small. Seemed mostly okay until I washed it. Then it didn't fit me. I'm very disappointed in this.
Needed a new leather belt, found this one an purchased it. I like the width an thickness of this belt, plus it can be adjusted! Huge bonus, even came with a tool to allow for adjustment.
I bought these because I like "pocket" t-shirts and it is a bit difficult to find decent t-shirt sporting a pocket. I buy larger t-shirts than my actual size because I like a very loose fit and I'm pretty informal. These we're definitely loose. The material is a bit on the thin side and the sleeves are a little short. Over the years I have found that Fruit of the Loom products have a tendency to be a bit lower in quality than my favorite brand, Haynes. That being said, I am not dissatisfied with my purchase. The shirts are about what I expected. I bought them as work and "around the house" clothing... these aren't formals. I still prefer Haynes or Dickies but these shirts met the my minimum requirement.
The product descrition and reason for return only has "how does this product fit"? I have no idea if they even fit right because they haven't been opened so that in itself may or may not be right...What I ordered was 1 pack (5 pair) of black and grey briefs. Expected 5 pair of black with grey waist bands, like the picture. What I got was 5 pair in various shades of blue; dark blue, light blue, medium blue, I guess one pair could be called grey, maybe??? The package even SAYS black and grey on it. But there was not one pair of black in the bunch. Plus it took 8 days to get hear. I tryed to do an exchange but it says it requires special handleing. If the person I got them for doesn't like blue, I will try and exchange them but it is sure a lot of trouble for one small package.
This is super cute and has now become part of my routine to keep me from breaking my glasses all the time. Im going to get one for my mom next!
not worth the money. Product is so thin it is see through.
https://www.americacanvasprinted.com/frpetnk4n5k https://www.americacanvasprinted.com/produitfrance/Zag-Bijoux-Bague-Pierre-Turquoise