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pet memorial paintings

It’s easy to create beautiful custom canvas art when you use Canvas Factory. Canvas prints are created when an image is printed onto canvas and then stretched or gallery wrapped onto a wooden frame ready for display or hanging. Ready to get started creating beautiful art to decorate your home with? 

Start by uploading your photo or favorite image to our website. Then choose the style, size, and shape of your canvas. Complete your order by processing your payment and choosing when you want it delivered. That’s it! Sit tight and soon your photo canvas will be delivered right to your door. Order from anywhere in the U.S. and get your prints delivered fast!

Click here for a step by step guide on creating you perfect photo canvas.

Choose the perfect material and style for your home

pet memorial paintings

No matter what kind of photograph you'd like to work with or the material and effect you're looking to create, we give you the tools you need to make the artwork of your dreams.

With our canvas print options, you can turn your favorite family photos into a beautiful display that will impress everyone who comes over! Or maybe you’re looking for a display of photographs to display in your home or office but don’t have the perfect one. Don’t worry! At Canvas Factory we have a collection of over 20 million images you can use to create the perfect look for your space. 

We also have premium print options, where you can choose to have your favorite pictures printed on canvas, acrylic, or on HD metal sheets.

Get stylin’ with a Single Canvas Print

pet memorial paintings

Give your favourite photo the star treatment – capture that special moment on stylish, affordable, high quality canvas. 

Sometimes you really want to make a statement. With Canvas Factory, we make it easy to turn that special portrait or image into a showstopper. Single canvas prints can transform your space into something beautiful and timeless. Ready to start adding style to your place? Create your look today!

Split Canvas Prints Are Trendy Yet Timeless

pet memorial paintings

Nothing says ‘I know photo art and I’m not afraid to use it’ than a sensational split canvas print. Don’t be held back by typical photo frames. Canvas Factory is the leading canvas printer in the US, and we’ve got split canvas art down to a T. 

Let us help you make sure your photo is cropped and split perfectly. We want your art to be something you’ll cherish for years to come, so let us help you find the perfect photo at the perfect size. Ready to get started?

Tell a story with a Canvas Display

pet memorial paintings

With a canvas wall display, you can tug at the heartstrings, share boundless happiness or convey a sense of serenity. It’s time to tell your story.

Start with your favorite memories. Do you have any favorite family portraits that haven’t been printed yet? What about those vacation photos from last year? Transform your memories into art you can look at and cherish every day. 

We have a variety of options to help your photos match your home decor and fit perfectly into your space. Browse through all of our options and get started with a custom canvas display today.

pet memorial paintings

pet memorial paintings

Gather together your favorite photos to create a canvas collage you can enjoy time and time again. A collage is a creative and stylish way to display a wide variety of photos and images in your home or office. Make them all different sizes, combine vertical and horizontal images, include images and family portraits - whatever you want.  

Get creative or keep it super simple. Either way, express yourself! At Canvas Factory, we make it easy to create a look that matches your personal style and taste, all at affordable prices!

pet memorial paintings

pet memorial paintings

Take your most special moments and transform them into professional gallery-inspired wall art with our high gloss acrylic glass prints. Shiny, beautiful, and eye catching, acrylic glass might be the perfect way to display your photos.

If you’re looking for a way to professionally and stylish style your photos, let Canvas Factory help you transform your prints into a beautiful acrylic glass gallery. Don’t be limited with framed portraits. Transform your home into an art gallery that is customized for you!

Hang tough with flawless Metal Prints

pet memorial paintings

Specially designed to hang tough against the elements, our metal prints are made using highly durable brushed aluminium sheets. 

We love metal prints because they are stunning, durable, and add an extra level of sophistication to every room. Metal prints are also perfect for outdoor displays, as they are durable and waterproof. Browse through our variety of size options to see if our gorgeous metal prints are a good fit for your unique photos.

pet memorial paintings

A photo canvas print is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can bestow upon a loved one. We’ll deliver the gift directly to the lucky recipient’s door. 

It’s so easy to get started. First, pick out the perfect gift for them.Upon checkout, simply include their details in the shipping section and yours in the billing section. That’s it! Before you know it, your gift will be shipped and at their door. 

Ready to order beautiful and custom gifts? Browse through some of our ideas and get started today!

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I think this could have passed as extra large. I went ahead and wore it, but later ordered a medium and it is just right for me. I like the shirt and think the medium will be fine.
My daughter likes the shorts. They were a little too short for my taste though
Cute hat, fit my large adult hat. That made it a win!
Very comfortable socks.
It is an attractive clutch, I like the soft pink color I picked and it is very supple material and not hard and stiff (cheap). Roomy for all the items I put in my wallet.
The product was way darker than the picture and didnt notice there were gold details until I received the package. Does have a weird smell. I returned it for the color not bc of smell.
Love these socks just wish they could last longer but great socks
really good
they work fine
tienen un estilo muy delicada y bellas
Las compr para regalarla.
Super soft and comfy
I love this hat! It's light weight and keeps the sun off your neck, face and ears.
Four shades of blue, fit was as expected came on time. I know these tees are a bit thin, but for summer they are perfect. Price was right, as my husband's job means they get filthy and stained. If they don't make it a year, I won't cry about it.
My sister loves it. Its small but pretty
I love the purse. It was big just like expected. Stylish and big compartments.
Wow! I just got my purse and it is beautiful! It appears to be solid leather. (vs a thin leather skin laminated over cardboard) Great purchase.
The dye or color rubs off onto my pants and the size seems to be the max size as stated in other reviews.
Got for my husband he likes it fine
These are pretty and a nice rose gold color but they are pretty big/loose fitting

In the photo they seem snug against the ear lobe but they actually are like loose hoops
These shirts fit much better than Hanes. They seem lighter than previous orders, I hope they hold up as well as the older ones did
Perfect fit
These socks feel good. They are thick but breathable and not hot. They fit perfect.
These fit both my 5 year old son who wear a size 1y in boys and my daughter who is 8 and wears a size 3.5y girls
Great fit, I went with the larger of my pant sizes to be safe, and it's just right. I've got about 5 inches extra and it because it goes on the back side of the buckle it doesn't flap around outside. I always hated having to fight with regular belts, always too loose or too tight, always get the perfect fit now.
Husband loves these socks
Nice, lightweight T-shirt! Fits really wel.
For the price, these glasses are fantastic! Definitely make me feel like a badass.
I bought two watches for my kids and followed the instructions on how to set the time and date, neither worked. Extremely frustrating I have looked on YouTube and every other place I could think of. All they do is alarm every hour
These jeans fit well, but the 'Light Stonewash' does NOT match the picture. They are more like a medium blue and 'Dark Stonewash' is a deep navy blue color.
The child gift was a welcomed gift. The backlight was a plus
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